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Buzz currently offers children and youth volleyball programs for beginners and intermediate players; the Buzz also provides programming for adults interested in playing volleyball for fun. Sessions typically run for three months and are held in public schools or community centres in Richmond Hill.

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About Us

We Are Bayview Buzz Sports and study Centre

Bayview Buzz Sports and Study Centre is a non-profit organization established in November of 2022. Its purpose is to provide volleyball instruction to young people to improve their skills, foster their love of the game, inculcate a life long habit of physical activity and allow them to meet new friends. Adult volleyball programs emphasize fun and encourage life long participation in physical activity. Bayview Buzz insists on a respectful, encouraging and positive environment that builds self-esteem and community. Instruction is not only about athletic technique, but just as importantly about cultivating communication skills and character.


Kids Volleyball Programs

Programs For Your Kids



This program is appropriate for newcomers to volleyball or to those with very limited experience. The focus at this level is improving fundamental knowledge of the game and improving skill level.

Once registered, players will be assigned to a team based on their age and skill level. Teams practice once or twice a week.

  • Open to kids aged 6 - 15
  • Beginners welcome
  • Fill out online form with info & waiver
  • Assigned to team based on age/skill level


This program is appropriate for those who have completed the Beginner program or have experience on either a school team or a team that plays in an organized league.

While improving skill will still be a focus here, there is an assumption that participants at this level have a basic knowledge of serving, bumping and setting.

  • For players 12 - 18 with some experience
  • Register online with info and waiver
  • Placed on team by skill level
  • Weekly practices and local tourneys

Adult volleyball for fun

Keep Playing

Why should the kids have all the fun? Join our adult volleyball session where you can meet new people and enjoy the social, athletic and cognitive benefits of the game.
This program is designed for adults and the focus is on fun. Though games will be played and the score of games will be kept, the program is designed for adults who are seeking a fun volleyball experience.

Lynda Smith
Lynda Smith

Tennis & Badminton

Welcome to Bayviewbuzz Tennis Club!

Bayviewbuzz Tennis Club is focusing on the rudiments of tennis for young children aged 5-12.Our coaches use “progressive tennis” methods from Tennis Canada and the PTR. We use the progressive balls, proportional equipment and court sizes to help the children to learn to play tennis in the most efficient ways. Through the guidance of professional tennis technicians, establish the correct tennis technical foundation and lay the foundation for higher level training.
The training course provides 4 levels, students can choose the corresponding level to register according to their actual situation.
This program is for players with no playing experience.
This program is for players with minimal playing experience.
This program is for players who can rally consistently from 3/4 court: 6 ball rally with a partner (3 balls each).
This program is for players who can rally consistently from 3/4 court: 8 – 10 ball rally with a partner (4 – 5 balls each).
We also offer private lesson for advanced players.





English Writing

Practise your writing skills

Our English program is designed for students from Grade 4 to Grade 12 who wish to enhance their English efficiently and improve their school marks.

The focus of this training program would be on the language skills in the following 5 scopes: Academic Vocabulary, Grammar, Reading, Writing and Public Speaking.

At the end of this English Program, participants will be able to improve their English knowledge and skills on a weekly base.



BayviewBuzz Coding Club invites young tech enthusiasts (ages 8-16) to discover the world of coding through Python and Java. Learning to code empowers kids with essential skills for the future, from problem-solving and critical thinking to creativity and logical reasoning. Our experienced instructors guide beginners and experienced coders alike, using fun, hands-on projects and age-appropriate learning tools to foster a lifelong love of technology and innovation.
Why Choose Python and Java?
● Python: An ideal language for beginners, Python is easy to learn and understand, making it a great first step in coding and a perfect gateway to exploring exciting fields like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.
● Java: Used by professionals to create everything from games to mobile apps, learning Java not only opens up endless possibilities for your future but also provides a strong foundation for success in AP Computer Science courses.
Our Coding Programs

  • LEVEL 1: CODING NEWBIES (No experience needed)
  • LEVEL 2: CODING EXPLORERS (Some coding experience)
  • LEVEL 3: CODING CREATORS (Comfortable with coding basics)
  • LEVEL 4: CODING INNOVATORS (Passionate about coding)
  • PRIVATE LESSONS: Available for personalized instruction and accelerated learning






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Lynda Smith

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Lynda Smith


Lynda Smith


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